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Crisis Intervention Service (Short Term)

Our innovative Crisis Intervention Service provides immediate and short term solutions for Local Authorities struggling to find accommodation for the most challenging and vulnerable young people. Our time limited service provides a much needed holiday/break from current provision. Whether it is time out from their current placement, an emergency crisis intervention, or simply it is a little breathing space while the next move is considered, we are here to help.

24 hour support

Each young person placed through the service gets exclusive and dedicated two to one support as a minimum, twenty four hours a day. Our experienced Referral Team are available at all times to provide an almost immediate decision on whether we can place someone for you. The service offers some valuable additional time to enable to plan the next, longer term placement move. We accommodate the most challenging of young people, keeping in regular, often daily, contact with the placing Social Worker, especially at the beginning of the placement.

Smooth transitions

Placements can last between 3 and 28 days. At the end of each placement, we will work closely with you to make any transition as smooth as it can be, whether it is back to your own provision, another provider, one of our own homes or a supported living environment.

We are here to help you create more positive futures.

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