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Our 14 independent schools educate boys and girls between 11 and 18. Ranked as ‘high quality’ and ‘outstanding’, the schools teach many pupils with a range of complex needs, who have struggled in previous education placements. Each school has a dedicated Headteacher, supported by qualified teachers and teaching assistants. They have the skills and experience needed to handle the most challenging behaviour and to meet the individual learning needs of each young person, including those with cognitive difficulties.

Joined-up approach

Our Head of Education, supported by our Deputy Head of Education, are involved from referral onwards, making sure all educational needs are pulled together and put in place, regardless of the education setting. Our schools and homes work closely to achieve positive outcomes for all the young people we care for. This joined-up approach alongside our positive behaviour management help us to re-engage even the most hard to reach young people. We have high expectations of our young people; not only of their attendance and grades, but also their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Aspirational approach
We believe the best way to help young people is to set clear, consistent boundaries and expectations, placing a real value on education and aspiring to more in life. We underpin all this with our safeguarding expertise: keeping young people safe while teaching them the skills to reduce their own risk and make better more informed decisions.

Positive incentives

Our Positive Behaviour Incentive programme offers clear routines and boundaries, creating a school environment where pupils feel safe and secure. They are able to develop the skills, confidence and self-esteem needed to realise their full potential. As soon as they enter our schools, we assess their academic ability and then review their progress. We also use the assessment data to design each individual support plan and any interventions our pupils may require.

A varied education

At Key Stage 3, we offer a broad, balanced, relevant education in keeping with the National Curriculum. The range of subjects is varied to make sure everyone gets an education tailored to their exact needs. At Key Stage 4, pupils can then choose to study a range of externally accredited courses, including Entry Level, Functional Skills, ASDAN and GCSE. Our schools may also liaise with alternative providers to create a truly personal, needs-led curriculum.

Support networks

Each Hexagon School looks to build good relationships with parents, authorities and the young person’s support network to help them be the best they can be, whether academically or socially.

Therapeutic Interventions

Our Specialist Therapeutic Service is able to provide interventions for bespoke placements within Hexagon Care Services where required, subject to availability, care planning and fee agreement.

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