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Our Mission

Hexagon Care aims to support all young people and supported adults in achieving their potential and developing the skills and competencies needed to function independently in mainstream society.


Our Values

Value- Listening & Learning.png

We embrace a culture of listening and learning

As an organisation we are constantly learning, striving for excellence in every service we provide. We believe passionately in consistent positive development. This means consultation, reflection, action planning and implementation are all equally vital in our on-going commitment to quality improvement.

Value- Positive Choice.png

We offer a positive choice for young people and supported adults

Life in one of our homes is a positive experience. We only employ staff who share our values, are care focused, and put our young people and supported adults at the heart

of everything they do.

Value- High Aspirations.png

We have high aspirations for all our young people and supported adults

Young people and supported adults need support, guidance, encouragement, and sometimes a little inspiration to achieve their ambitions.

By building strong relationships within a structured environment we can provide a level of support that makes all the difference to their success in life.

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