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Assessment Services

From the short-term to the long-term, our dedicated assessment service provides full reports and recommendations following a 12-week period, including gender-specific issues. The short-term option caters for girls limited to a 12-week duration and is subject to the young person’s willingness to engage. The assessment also allows opportunity for our specialist partner CCATS, to review the reports and to identify the right follow-up placement.

Assessment Homes

When a young person is placed in one of these homes, they benefit from a nurturing environment that allows them to develop the skills needed to live within a group of their peers. Each home offers the high consistency needed to deal with complex needs. This usually involves input from registered mental health professionals or extra therapeutic support from our partner, CCATS. Together, we make sure young people have the opportunity to develop and enhance their practical, social, emotional and educational skills. This helps them either become part of a family, or transition smoothly into another placement, either family-based or residential.

Holistic assessments

In each home, we offer complete holistic assessments for young people aged 10-17. This means we can assess their own individual needs and help social workers decide on the best, most cost-effective long-term placement. Our holistic assessments aim to determine each young person’s health and social care needs and our partner agency CCATS provides comprehensive psychological assessments that cover a broad range of risk areas of concern and need. These may include assessment of trauma symptomology, attachment, cognitive assessments, emotional well-being and psychological functioning and functional analysis of problematic behaviours.

Enhanced support structure

While living in our Assessment Homes, young people also benefit from more intensive, enhanced staff support. This includes a minimum ratio of 3 staff to 4 young people, with facilities beyond those you would expect to find in a residential home. We believe it is this intensive approach that lets them engage much more easily, coming to think of it as a real home where they can relax into the assessment. It is highly flexible too, including the option of a 6-week Health & Social Care assessment, plus a 4-week bridging placement for full psychological assessment.

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