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Spotlight on Safety: Hexagon Care’s Commitment During Child Safety Week

Exploring Critical Safety Areas of: Therapy Animals, Cyber Safety, Fire Safety, and Community Outings in Hexagon Care's Childcare and Educational Settings.

Hexagon Care Services Champions Child Safety - A photo of safety themes within the blog, fire, electrics, animals, community outings.
Hexagon Care Services Champions Child Safety

Hexagon Care is dedicated to highlighting the importance of safety for the young people in our care. #ChildSafetyWeek allows us to focus on key areas such as Therapy Animals, Cyber Safety, Fire Safety, and Community Outings. This blog explores our efforts to ensure the highest levels of safety in these areas, strengthening trust within the community and breaking some of the stigmas around safety issues in young peoples care and educational settings.

During #ChildSafetyWeek, Hexagon Care spotlights four critical areas: Therapy Animals, Cyber Safety, Fire Safety, and Community Outings. These key safety issues are integral in our child care and education settings. Therapy animals, while providing emotional support and teaching responsibility, require careful handling and awareness to ensure they don’t harm or stress children. Cyber safety is increasingly vital as young people navigate the digital world, where the risks of cyberbullying and online predators are ever-present. Fire safety remains a fundamental concern within residential homes and schools, necessitating robust procedures to protect everyone. Community outings, essential for social development, require meticulous planning to mitigate risks associated with various activities. Raising awareness about these issues helps break down the stigma around safety protocols, emphasizing that they are not barriers but enablers of a secure and nurturing environment.

Fire and Electricity Safety in Homes

At Hexagon Care, fire safety is a top priority. Our homes and schools are equipped with robust fire safety procedures that our staff manage diligently to protect the children at all times. Due to our stringent fire management practices, incidents related to fire safety are significantly lower than the average.

Key Safety Measures:

  • Emergency Preparedness: Regular emergency drills ensure everyone knows how to respond swiftly and safely in case of a fire.

  • Safety Equipment: Comprehensive checks and maintenance of fire safety equipment guarantee it is always in optimal condition.

  • Fire Logs: Detailed logs help monitor and track safety measures, allowing us to address any potential issues promptly.

These measures create a secure environment where young individuals can grow and thrive, showcasing our commitment to safety to the community and local authorities.


The Role of Therapeutic Animals

Therapeutic animals play a vital role at Hexagon Care, offering more than just companionship. Trained dogs and safe animals help teach ownership, responsibility, and provide therapeutic benefits that enhance the well-being of both individuals and the community.


Safety Protocols for Therapy Pets:

  • Trained Animals Only: Only certified therapy dogs or safe animals are permitted, ensuring they are safe and manageable.

  • Strict Pet Policies: Adhering to strict policies ensures safe interactions for both children and animals.

  • Educational Opportunities: Children learn how to safely interact with pets within the home and community, fostering a sense of responsibility and respect.

Therapy animals support emotional and social development, making them an invaluable part of our holistic approach to care. We encourage animal companions whilst also considering the safety of the individual, staff and the community too.


Cyber Safety: Navigating the Digital World

In the digital age, cyber safety is crucial. Hexagon Care takes proactive steps to protect young people from online risks while educating them about responsible technology use.

Our Cyber Safety Practices:

  • Risk Assessments: Thorough assessments around technology use help identify and mitigate potential dangers.

  • Managed Access: Individual management of game consoles and laptops, with time restrictions on WiFi usage, ensures balanced digital consumption.

  • Training Modules: Staff receive training in cyber security and cyber bullying prevention to better support and educate the children.

  • Privacy Protection: Social media policies protect young people's identities by not posting their faces or personal information.

By raising awareness about the safe use of technology, we empower young people to navigate the digital landscape responsibly and safely.


Community Outings: Safe and Engaged

Community outings are essential for social and emotional development. Hexagon Care encourages young people to be active within their communities while prioritising their safety during excursions.

Safe Practices for Community Outings:

  • Education and Preparation: Equipping young people with the knowledge and tools to navigate life responsibly.

  • Risk Assessment: Understanding each child's capabilities helps identify and mitigate potential risks during outings.

  • Appropriate Gear and Knowledge: Ensuring children have the right equipment and knowledge of emergency protocols.

  • Close Monitoring: Staff closely monitor children during activities to ensure their well-being at all times.

These practices foster independence and confidence in young people and highlight our dedication to their safety to local authorities and potential recruitment candidates.


Additional Safety Measures

While our focus this week is on Therapy Animals, Cyber Safety, Fire Safety, and Community Outings, Hexagon Care employs a range of other safety measures to ensure the well-being of those in our care. This includes:

  • Specialised support for children with SEBD and autism spectrum disorders.

  • Extensive staff training and professional development.

  • Creating positive, enriching environments through fun activities and leisure time.



Hexagon Care is committed to creating safe, nurturing environments where young people can thrive. Through our focused initiatives, we aim to inspire a culture of safety and responsibility in our homes, schools, and communities. Join us in celebrating #ChildSafetyWeek as we continue to prioritise the well-being and security of our young individuals on our social media platforms via @HexagonCare on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.


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