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At Hexagon Care Services we firmly believe that a successful placement is one that has the opportunity to attain positive outcomes and the process for this begins at the point of referral. It is essential that we consider each and every referral very carefully in order for us to be able to placement match effectively. Our reputation is very important to us and we are not prepared to offer placements for young people whose needs we feel we are unable to meet.

Our referrals team work extremely closely with the management teams and attend weekly operations meetings where we review each service, their individual vacancy situation and their ability to accommodate a young person. It is essential to gain as much relevant information as possible in order to effectively placement match and this may involve requesting further information and a contact number for the allocated social worker. The more information we receive at point of referral the better the opportunity to placement match. Following this discussion we open dialogue with the registered manager of an individual service we feel would be able to meet the needs of that young person. We are aware, all too often referrals come to us on an emergency basis and will provide you with a professional and swift response to any referral enquiry.

Our placements team is small and because of that you can expect a very personal and bespoke response.

“Our approach during our time as a Placements Team has remained consistent when it comes to dealing with referrals, if we don’t feel we can meet the needs of an individual young person then we do not offer a placement. It has to be right for the young person and we have to have the chance of achieving positive outcomes. If we don’t do this correctly at the outset then the young people may suffer, peer groups become disrupted, staff teams unnecessarily challenged and of course local authorities may end up looking for another placement in a relatively short space of time. The damage to the young person in this kind of scenario can sometimes be devastating. We take our responsibilities as a placement team very seriously and will always do our utmost to place a young person appropriately. There will be many of you out there that will bear testimony to us declining referrals and offering an explanation as to why and advice as to perhaps where those needs may best be met.

There have been many changes within our sector over the years but the one central to our thinking is placement matching. We simply have to ensure we do all we can to provide a safe and suitable placement for the most vulnerable young people in our society. This principle will always be our number one priority. That’s not to say we always get it right and sometimes understandably placements will break down for a variety of reasons. We are pleased to say that this is significantly reduced due to the care, effort and dedication our team put in at the point of referral.

Knowledge, trust and respect are key elements when working in partnership and we hope that over the years we have shown those qualities. We look forward to continuing to work in partnership with you all”.

Placements Team, Hexagon Care

We are here to help you create more positive futures.

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