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“I would like to congratulate West Stonegate staff on their professionalism, understanding and commitment to this young person”

Probation Officer

Calderdale Youth Offending Team

Our approach to care

We have huge aspirations for the young people we look after. We provide plenty of support to our teams, so they can help young people develop the skills they need to live independently and contribute positively to their local community.

In fact, positive, productive and healthy relationships are the very platform for change. Once we have established a relationship based on mutual trust and respect, we nurture resilience in our children and young people. This gives them a greater ability to look at the future more positively.

Positive experiences

We believe residential care should be a positive, enriching experience for young people. This includes using fun activities and leisure time to develop relationships and social inclusion, which in turn helps to build the confidence and skills to handle the challenges of daily life.

Highly trained teams

Through a culture of continual professional development, our comprehensive and innovative training programme gives our staff the skills to support children and young people, no matter how extreme the crisis.

Our behaviour support techniques are designed to encourage relationship-building, mutual trust and results in increased self-esteem.

We use a process of post-incident reflection with all children and young people, helping them develop better coping mechanisms and levels of emotional literacy.

We are here to help you create more positive futures.

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